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The equipment for your pole dance travel

What does it actually take to be perfectly prepared for a pole dance training? And while we’re at it: why do pole dancers always run around half-naked? We have the answers.

A colourful bouquet full of little things

The nice thing about pole dancing is that the only big thing it takes is already present in the studio: the poles. If you had to transport them yourself, this would be a training in itself, because depending on the height of the room, they weigh about 20kg.


As a Pole Dancer you don’t really need much to enjoy yourself at the pole anymore. On the contrary, especially concerning the clothes, the motto here is “less is more”. Because to stay on the pole, you need skin contact. The greater the skin contact, the better and safer the grip. This is also the main reason why pole dancers always wear so little – apart from the fact that the training also increases self-confidence and thus the inhibitions against naked skin are reduced 😉 Concerning the clothing this means that you should take a bikini top or a sports bra and a bottom in the size of a normal bikini. However, make sure that the crotch is 3-4 fingers wide so that you don’t get embarrassing revelations. Of course there are also pole clothes especially designed for pole dancing and many pole dancers will tell you that this is as much a shopping hazard as anything else. Two popular online shops in this area are the shop of Pole Acrobatics and PoleJunkie.


It is also recommended that you take a towel with you during training. Just to cover the mat during the warm-up, but also to wipe off one or two beads of sweat and the poles in between, a towel is ideal. In the Gravity Arts-Studio, we provide you with a rag for cleaning the poles, which you can throw into the studio laundry basket after the lesson, but this is not the case everywhere.


Whatever proves itself, again and again, is the so-called grip agent. Depending on how hot or humid it is in the room and how much you tend to sweat, a grip aid can help you to keep a better grip. One grip agent that we can recommend is Total Grip. Another reason for slipping can be that your skin is too dry, especially on your legs. In this case, you need a moisturizing agent, such as Dew Point.

Knee Pads

Pole dancing also includes dancing with or on the floor around the poles. We often go down on our knees and it is important to protect them during the training. We therefore recommend that you always have some knee pads with you, even if you are not planning to train Floor Flow.

Pole dance heels

Especially in the Exotic Pole you dance in high heels, but different than you might think, it is not recommended to do this in your normal high heels. Because in the Exotic we pull our legs and feet and accordingly the heels again and again over the floor, which inevitably leads to destruction in regular heels with normal soles. For Exotic and the right Exotic technique you need platform soles, and if we are honest relatively high – and don’t worry, once you have overcome yourself, you will have 100% fun with it 😉 A well-known pole dance heels manufacturer is Pleaser, where we as a studio also get a quantity discount. So if you are ready to let it get hot, let us know and we will include your order in our regular bulk orders.

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