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You want to train regularly for yourself, but you have no space or no pole at home? No problem, we have the solution: Our Studio Access for your unlimited pole & studio rental.

We know it: At home, the ceilings are lower and thus many moves and tricks on the pole are only possible to a limited extent. In addition, the space in the room is also not available as desired, depending on the. This does not only limit pole dancing. Also the dancing of choreographies, whether on the floor or standing is made difficult. Whereby again and again is the sofa or the cabinet in the way. The curtain gets caught in your legs or arms or the lamp on the ceiling risks its life again and again when it comes into contact with your heels.And honestly, sometimes you just don’t have the muse to work out or dance at home. Not to mention the neighbors, who probably don’t enjoy it when you give “a concert” on the floor with your heels.But do not worry, all no problem.

With the "Studio Access" you get your personal access to our studio - 7 days a week, from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm.

In addition, you get your own badge and can use it to gain access to the studio without our presence. The perfect pole and studio rental for you. So you can train when and how you want, whether pole dance, stretching or strength training. We provide you with the space or a pole.

Studiomiete Polemiete

Furthermore, you will also find various tools in the studio, such as yoga mats, blocks, weights and much more. With these you can make your training efficient and effective. You can devote yourself to your training in peace and with enough space and practice exactly what you want.

Get your access now, get your badge and access to our room calendar. This way you can always see if a space or a pole is free and you can reserve it for yourself.

You still have questions? Contact us by e-mail.

Studio Access

  • 4 months
  • Unlimited Access

Studio Access

  • 12 months
  • Unlimited Access