Pole goes Teens

After the summer vacations, we will also offer pole dance classes for teens. Girls and boys, between 14 and 19 years old, who want to train their body in an efficient and healthy way and at the same time improve their musicality and coordination of movement.

What Pole Dance for teens really is

The world is changing – and so is pole dancing. Where pole dancing was once considered “wicked”, it is now one of the many widespread hobby options and has reached the masses. This has also changed the way pole dancing is perceived. “Wicked” was yesterday, today it is recognized as a sport and the many positive aspects of this art and sport form are appreciated. What the pole community has known for a long time has now also arrived in society and has set the image of pole dancing straight.

Varied training combined with fun & joy

Because pole dancing is not just “sneaking around the pole”, but rather the opportunity to train your own body in a variety of ways. Not only do you build your strength, but you also increase your flexibility, your coordination skills and gain better body awareness while practicing your ability to concentrate. And best of all, you do all this while having fun and enjoying yourself in a group setting.

Develop self-confidence & rock everyday life

Through pole dancing you will not only gain a healthy body, but also develop a healthy self-confidence. You will also radiate more positivity and security in everyday life and be able to face stressful situations in a completely new way. Because let’s be honest: Your newfound strength alone will make many people falter, and the others will have to copy what you learn thanks to pole dancing.

Healthy & individual structure

It is important, especially when teaching pole dancing to teenagers, that the training is adapted to the needs of your still developing body. We make sure that your body is not stressed beyond its limits and that a gradual, steady build-up is encouraged.With our teaching concept, you will always learn to perform the movements and tricks safely and always be able to control your body. Because only if you have the necessary strength and the theoretical knowledge about a move or trick, you can execute it safely and successfully.

Skill beats Fake

We’re about more than just pretty Insta-photos. Our students know exactly which elements make up a trick, which muscles and body parts are involved and what it takes to execute a trick safely and perfectly. And yes, the Insta-photos will be better, too, because you will be able to hold the trick not only for a second but much longer 😉 The nice side effect: you avoid long-term damage at the same time and make sure that pole dancing can be a lifelong companion for you.

Simona - our Puppet Master

Our Teen Pole classes are taught by Simona. She not only has the necessary pole dance knowledge – as a trained pedagogue and sports teacher she is also practiced in dealing with teenagers and knows exactly what to look for in order to pick up the teens, motivate them and guide them safely through a training.

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